Knowledge of
the Unseen


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For this programme, we connected with the Leicester and Derby museum services, in which they allowed our community group to handpick five artefacts of African heritage, donated prior to 1930, that the museums had no information on and had never left the stores.

We followed this up with our own independent research and then encouraged our community group to contact experts from universities and research institutions from across the world, particularly Africa.

The most engaging aspect of the project was the greater perspective we gained into the social history of the artefacts. Initially, the only information available was from British sources who lacked any significant knowledge of the objects. But our own research brought forward a much clearer picture of how and why they were made, for who they were made, and what they can tell us about historical African communities.

This was concluded with a documentary, detailing the entire process and an exhibition at New Walk Museum, Leicester.

Knowledge of the Unseen Documentary

Knowledge of the Unseen was a two project, brought to you by Opal22 Arts and Edutainment and funded by the National Heritage Lottery.

Knowledge of the Unseen 7 min v1

Knowledge of the Unseen Exhibition Launch Night. Presented by Opal22 Arts and Edutainment, venue New Walk Museum.

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