Femme Fatale


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Lead by vocalist, vocal coach and recording artist; Joycelyn ‘Bebberley’ Harris and supported by Lornette Ford of Leicester Vocal Tech, this project provided an opportunity for girls and young women to express their individual identity through song writing and performance. Participants scripted original songs that were tracked by the Freestyle Collective, a band composed of some of the midlands finest R&B/Soul musicians. The workshops were delivered at the African Caribbean Centre, with the final performance taking place at the Leicester Creative Business depot.

Femme Fatale Showcase

The project leader is been Joyce Bebberley Harris hailing from a family of singers Bebberley is a talented singer, backing vocalist, vocal coach, Diana Ross tribute act and recording artist from Leicester. With over 30 years of singing experience and many appearances on the national stage as a solo act or backing vocalist, the variety of genres include Reggae, Ska, R&B, Soul, jazz, Motown, and Pop. And Lornette Ford who has been an unsung heroine of the local music scene. Lornette has been the driving-force behind many a young vocalist in Leicester, having established her own academy of voice training and performance – Leicester Vocal Tech. She also has a strong career history, with a Warner Bros UK deal under her belt, classical training and a long line of live and supporting performances alongside artists such as Don E, 50 Cent, The Marleys to name a few. Bebberley continues to work with numerous artists and has a keen interest in the voice and vocal pedagogy. Carol Leeming is not associated in any way with the Femme Fatale project.

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